Wool throw "Milky way"

Handwoven throw 130 x 205 cm /51 x 81 in + fringe, 820 g
100% traceable organic lambswool, hounds - tooth pattern, twill

natural white and colored with mushrooms (C. semisanguineus)

The largest and dreamiest plaid from the Starlight collection: a shape in the mist, rays of shade changed by the game that is light. You can imagine grand tones of Nebula, seen from satellite photos. 
Difficult to put into words - grand, sufficient, warm.

Will last at least 100 years, but beware of moths!

Machine washable with wool setting and very low spin. Alternatively handwash with wool shampoo. Dry flat, not on a line or dryer. If handwashing, add a bit of vinegar in the final rinse water - it will brighten the colors.
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