I fell in love with weaving looms before I went to school. Now I have three looms and have been knitting for 15 years. In the beginning, simple striped carpets, afterwards already more complex projects. The possibilities are endless and as they say "sky is the limit"!
     I value very much sustainable, waste-free, clean and clear life. I like real things and the fact that they can be used for a long time, repaired and put into use in a new way. For my rugs, a bunch of  friends collect their used clothes for me to recycle: I get a material and their homes/closets are cleaner and life clearer, in a word, everyone wins! Gathered clothes provide the opportunity to weave rugs with unique colors, there is always some interesting material or colorway that starts a new idea for a rug and the amount of reused fabric  is considerably big. Moreover, all those industrially added and skin-unfriendly substances have already been washed away during clothes lifetime use.
     I enjoy very much how all these textile bundles colors get changed when they are intertwined with each other. You can predict it, but it s always surprising too. And in different light ...
     I knit wool blankets and throws from the wool of known sheep, meaning that the yarn does not come from an anonymous manufacturer, but  the origin of the wool and the sheep owners and rural regions are known. It adds a lot of work, but weaved  knitwear lasts a long time and it is extremely satisfying to know that you have saved a bunch of beautiful wool from burning / burying / mulching and other distressed uses. 

I am happy to contribute for saving the world from the enormous flow of fast-fashion textiles

If you buy carpets and blankets weaved on my looms, you will be actively involved in the fight against climate change