Rugs for benches "My Blueberry Nights & Strawberry"

150cm x 50cm 
Weft: recycled textiles.
Warp: synthetic.

Bench rugs.

Every summerhouse has a couple of benches that everyone always wants to sit on. Just that it would be nicer to sit for even longer because there are still all the things in the world to talk about!
Thats when Terramama bench rugs come in. They are natural, windproof, just the right amount of stiff and of course soft to sit on!

These rugs went to live with a lady who is the fastest berry picker on the whole planet and who grows her garden produce in the forest. 
Kangastelgedel kootud kitsamat sorti vaibad. Mõeldud spetsiaalselt pinkide jaoks. Mõõdud 150 x 50 cm, narmastega