Baby blanket "Charles"

Looms woven sheep wool baby blanket.

90cm x 91cm

Wool from friendly sheep. Some of the yarn is dyed with woad (Isatis tinctoria) - a locally and naturally grown estonian plant (lightblue is from the first batch, and pink is from the second!).
In the blanket there is also some more casually dyed yarn and a tiny bit of store bought yarn, to add some visually striking stripes.

Sewn edge and twill "houndstooth" pattern, sheep wool light blanket.
Best used as an outdoors blanket, or other occasions when the baby is wearing clothes. The blanket keeps warm very effectively, and is practical as well as beautiful.

Meant for a little prince to aid in growing - after all, a baby grows in their sleep, and it is a true joy growing under this blanket. A well rested child is happy and ready to explore and learn. On one sunny day, this joyous child will grow up to be a prince, who is of course awaited by a princess somewhere (along with the compulsory white steed of course).

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