Rug "Midnight star"

Handwoven rug made on traditional looms from sustainable upcycled materials.


91cm x 127cm / 35,5in x 50in

Warp: synthetic
Weft: recycled textiles

We, Estonians, know that iconic Tallinnfilm frame, where in a dark room we look towards the light and see The Window. Sometimes through the spokes of a spinning wheel, other times through the unwashed window of a soviet era block of flats. There is most likely a lone fly or a confused moth flapping about too. In the background we can hear philosophical and intricate music - jazz or at the very least: tragical saxophone.
So I made a window of my own. There is soft and dark light inside, but through The Window shines the hopeful and bright first ray of sun at dawn. No to flies, no to hopelessness and fears! Get out of your little dark chamber and go get new experiences in the wide world. Do not be afraid. There are only opportunities, no problems.