Rug "Oak Avenue"

Handwoven rug 75 x 225 cm/ 29,5 x 98 in
Made from recycled textiles. Twill rug. Thick, tough and slightly wobbly on the edges

Heavy and strong rug.
Oak is my favorite tree! And even better when there is whole Oak Avenue!! Look at that brown soil underneath the trees that the sun cannot reach anymore. The few purple leaves from years gone by, those roots breaking out from the ground.
In addition to brown, the bark has red and grey tones. It has been raining, everything is humid. Underneath the leaves, a couple of brave acorns have sprouted fresh growth. They aren't quite green, more yellowish.
All sorts of bugs are crawling on the foliage, even a 5 spot ladybug has found her way in the shade of these magnificent trees. There is still time for the grand summer to hit and a Great Oak needs more time to grow leaves.

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