Rug "Irmi, Armi and Mustuke"

Handwoven rug made from upcycled denim.


83cm x 220cm / 33in x 87in

Weft: linen jute, recycled textile, including black jeans.
Warp: synthetic

Something for the admirer of prehistoric times and rustic lifestyle. 
Irmi, Armi and Mustuke were the dogs of Kalevipoeg - the hero of Estonian national epic. The dogs are represented by the three lines. Kalevipoeg, the hero himself, is the linen thread and black denim is for  the times that have long passed. Like Cerberus who guarded the gates with all his three heads, our own Estonian epic dogs are good for guarding too.
Kalevipoeg and the Old Times are intertwined and that is The Epic.

Easy to fluff up, lies nice and flat, soft and hard at the same time - the quality of the linen rope. Good rug for the front hall.