Wool throw "Western Estonian touch"

Thick handwoven twill "houndstooth" woollen throw with fringe.

135cm x 165cm / 53in x 65in + fringe
1125 g

Wool - 100% traceable Estonian sheepwool

I did not fully understand what I had created until after I exited the dark room in the ancient farmhouse where I wove it. I had used the strongest pinks and reds and oranges, just like it is tradition in Western Estonia.
In Southern Estonia, each person selects their own colours and this strong pink is not uncommon there. This is a very Western Estonian minded plaid for a woman who is not afraid of colour!

Will survive 100 years, beware only moths.

Cleaning instructions
Machine washable with wool setting and very low spin. Alternatively handwash with wool shampoo. Dry flat, not on a line or dryer. If handwashing, add a bit of vinegar in the final rinse water - it will brighten the colours.