We gathered together everything in the shop with a price tag that stays below €55 to make finding an affordable present easier for you! 

Terra Mama's items are always sustainable, carry a lot of thought, love and craftsmanship and make the best presents that are sure to warm your loved ones heart for a long time.

If you are after something even bigger and more grand ta really raise the roof, have a look at the woollen throws - hard to find competition to those!

Roll cushion "Surimi Stick"

Rug "Midnight Star"

Vintage leather tote "Give A Paw"

Vintage leather tote "Muhu rooster"

Pegbag with purple fringe

Pegbag "Ocean Blue"

Bench rug "Rosie Diamonds"

Mat "Yellow and Hairy Mat"

Rug "Soft Spot"

Rug "Garden Roses In Golden Dusk"

Small Blue Scandinavian rug

Table runner "Waiting For Elves"