Warm and beautiful handwoven throws that carry multiple uses. Woven from lambswool that we like to call "friendly wool". The raw sheared wool came from... our neighbour Ants who would otherwise dispose of it, simply because there is so much of it! Handwashed, airdried and dyed with mushrooms and other natural colorants such as avocado peels. A lot of hard work is behind each piece and that love and care is obvious when you hold one of your own.
100% lambswool throws are very hardy and will last for a very very long time - they are known to last for over a century, the only enemies being moths.
When you decide to invest in a throw made by Hele from natural ingredients without harmful chemicals, you support a small environmentally orientated business and help use up produced resources that would otherwise simply be buried - literally!

Wool throw "Inner glow"

Wool throw "Through the water"

Wool throw "Winter of our discontent"

Wool throw "Viking era"

Wool throw "Southern Cross"

Wool throw "Milky way"