Rose cushion "Milvi"

Story and description
Most of the textiles used in this handmade cushion are from my grandmother's shelves. Her name was Õie-Flora and she was born in 1912. She was a seamstress herself in her day! It feels right and natural to use up the scraps that she herself intended to use for something beautiful. 

The cushion is plump, fancy, takes up space and is surprisingly resilient to daily use despite its silky and delicate nature. Indeed, the oldest prototypes from nearly 10 years ago are still presentable and comfy.

The cushion is stuffed with high quality hollow conjugated silicone polyester filling that keeps its shape and does not get lumpy.
The cover is sewn on.

⌀ 50cm

Cleaning instructions
Can be washed as delicates with maximum 400rpm.
Best to dry in a windy spot not in direct sunlight.