Table runner "Ancestors"

Wool double sided table runner, handwoven on looms, with fringe.

90cm x 180cm

Weft: woollen yarn
Warp: synthetic

Custom work ′′Kõugud".
This table runner was ordered by a client of my favorite variety - the only prerequisites were table measurements and I was given complete trust and freedom of thought.
Our Predecessors journey begins from the deep red ground, in a melted state near the hot lava. Moving forward towards the sun and the light. Always hand in and with Love. Next generations are coming after us.
Woven with slight ERM and Estonian textile design influences.

*Kõuk in estonian - ancestor of every male or female (father and mother, grandmothers and grandfathers, etc).
If it all became too deep, then it's easier possible title is ′′Botanists at the Blossoming Flower Meadow".