Rugs are pleasure to weave.  Brisk and slightly physical work!
First there must be A PLAN, then you  pick the right colors from the no-more-needed-textile pile  and then just let the songs go! The result is just as colorful as your mood has been.
Of course, before it, the material must first be collected. It is difficult to knit something bigger and complicated with one t-shirt. With years I have gathered a bunch of friends and acquaintances who keep their closets in order and bring me their surpluses. Its a win-win situation -  I can use washed and sorted raw materials and they can keep closet doors closed. Girls' tights and sweatshirts are still pink, men have a lot of gray t-shirts and so on. Sometimes rare materials like soviet vintage marine fishing nets (at best, even cut into strips), fur stripes (carpet scraps) or a larger amount of linen cord,  come to me. Just treasures for a rug weaver, but burden for not-weavers!  You can only imagine what opportunities/materials/thoughts  are waiting  to become a rug