Rug "Fade To Black"

Double sided rag rug handwoven in shaft switching method, with fringe. Not too heavy, but quite large. Interwoven fishing net adds structure to the rug.

96cm x 216cm

Warp - synthetic
Weft - recycled textile - industrial surplus and fishing net

One evening I gathered my black material balls. In the morning, as I was looking at them I realised how many different blacks there really are, and when one single ball alone can look black, it can seem unexpectedly "light black" next to others. So I added some black shiny fishing net to the pile. Squinted my eyes, and everything melted into one black mass.
On closer inspection it became obvious that the famous "designer black" - the blackest of the blacks - cannot be found here. 
These balls, woven together, should remind us that "ultimate black" needs work and that total, complete black, can probably only be found in the midnight inside the stomach of a black cat.
The pattern is inspired by the Bauhaus past victorious style.

"Fade To Black" is for the admirer of a very dark rug. It is difficult to weave anything darker than this, because the material cannot be pure black. Life has already left a glowing mark on it. 
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