Mat "Yes, I am spending the whole summer in the countryside"

Loomswoven narrow mat.

Size: 135cm x 46cm

Material: Recycled textiles

Warp: Laceweave. Only usable on one side.

Weft: Synthetic

Soft, fluffy rug. Not recommended for hallways. Good for a bench or recliner.

A nicely soft and fluffy cover for a garden chair or bench. And maybe in the winter you will want to bring it with your from the summer cabin because if there ever was something so clearly in the colours of summer, it was this mat. Not Before-midsummer-solstice freshness or summer-getting-ready-for-August, but Summer with a capital S! With all its promises, colours and shades. Summer shows, festivals and strawberries. The northerner will know that this will not last for a long time.

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