Rug "Deep into the lichen"

Handwoven rug 90 x 177 cm/35.5 x 70 in
Made from recycled textiles and woollen sweaters. Twill rug with fringe
Nice smallish and not very heavy rug

We are forest and flatland people.
There is air and wind noise between the thick gray-brown pinetrunks, the sun's rays reach the soft lichen surface freely. Lichen is never a dull gray. It has many shades, in addition it has linden and rowan and greener moss and small yellow flowers. And of course the blueberry stalk. If you sit down on the fallen trunk and look into the matter a little more, you can still look. The ends of the rug, which are especially soft and woolly, invite you to do so
Covers well your pine floor and keeps warm. The forest is a coat of a poor man