Bench rug "Rosie Diamonds"

Hardy looms woven double weft rug, woven in shaft-switching technique. Suitable on the floor and on a bench!


90cm x 68cm


Warp - synthetic
Weft - woollen yarn, some leftovers from previous projects, some from our friendly sheep. Always environmentally friendly.


The pink woollen balls of yarn in my basket were reminiscent of a cloud of rosy petals. I interwove them with an another classically gorgeous element - a high quality chequered pattern tile floor.
This is how at the same time You have in front of your eyes the classic Mediterranean villas with their grand interiors, classic black and white floors and blossoming roses on the façade. Add to that our practical Nordic thinking and wool that will keep warm forever. Mediterranean elegance arrives on your cold northern stone stairs as easily as a snap of the fingers.

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