Wool throw "Viking era"

Handwoven wool throw, plaid or bedspread.

130cm x 180cm / 51in x 71in + fringe
840 g

Wool - 100% estonian traceable sheepwool.

I found the pattern online and was completely shocked by the longevity of history. This pattern has been woven since the 10th century! It is highly likely that it was used even before but there are no records of that. 
Back then in Estonia Vikings were wielding axes and burning ships. Meanwhile, the women were weaving away and it is still here to this day.
And not much has changed - the looms are the same, the pattern was made up by someone 1000 years ago and the richer folk did not even have to restrict themselves in terms of colour. How eternal can something be!?

This plaid will last at least 100 years, but it is afraid of moths. 

Cleaning instructions
Machine washable with wool setting and very low spin. Alternatively handwash with wool shampoo. Dry flat, not on a line or dryer. If handwashing, add a bit of vinegar in the final rinse water - it will brighten the colours.