Rug "Concrete Wall"

Loomswoven slim and small grey rag rug. Or even a mat. Or a seat cover.

Size: 75cm x 65cm
Material: Recycled rextiles
Weft: Cotton

Being a part of global Facebook groups is certianly interesting. Watching the doings of different weavers around the world. Noticing their similarities and differences. But from time to time there is something interesting. The way this rug was set up on the looms was asked about by a woman in Wales and replied to by a man in Brazil. I started following the thread myself. The result is a slimmer and lighter than I expected. But the two-coloured weft is visible in a fun way and the concrete grey stripes do not hide them either. Good to know.
  • Rug for friends of grey - nice natural small rug.
  • Cat people can see how the pet always finds a way to settle in right under your eye.

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