All of these rugs are handmade, sustainable, unique and individual pieces. All of them are made of up-cycled clothes that my friends and their friends bring over after cleaning out ... their wardrobes - a system that fits everyone so well. The ladies of my town get to declutter their families' closets and garments that would otherwise most likely wind up at landfills get a new life as beautiful, practical and sustainable interior design elements! In addition to worn clothes from my community, some rugs contain industrial surplus from a towel factory, old fishnet from the Soviet Time and all leather is also industrial leftovers, saved from the landfill.
Buying these items supports an environmentally conscious business as well as provides you with a handmade rug that looks beautiful and brings a lot of character and warmth to any space.
Whether you are looking for a long and wide rug, something for the entrance hall or even a narrow mat for a bench - the selection is very wide!
Terra Mama is open for commission work - contact us for orders and information!

Rug "Fade To Black"

Rug "Midsummer by the Sea"

Rug "Indian Summer"

Rug "Garden Roses In Golden Dusk"

Rug "Sunken City"

Mat "Yellow and Hairy Mat"

Small Blue Scandinavian rug

Rug "Oh, What a Journey"

Rug "Coming Home for Christmas"

Rug "Twilight magic"

Rug "Climate Change"

Rug "We Are Facing the Sunset"

Rug "Soft Spot"

Rug "Rowan and Fireweed"

Rug "Mid-African skirt"

Table runner "Waiting For Elves"

Rug "Oak Avenue"