Rug "Protect My Home"

Looms woven rug, muster shaft-switching.


99cm x 285cm

With fringe. Two sided - colours are the opposite on either side.
Not too thick or stiff.

Weft - Recycled textiles and industrial surplus.
Warp - Black syntethic. 

Commisioned dark rug with octagon pattern. The rug is so dark that dark gray actually makes the rug colourful! Inspiration came from the collection of patterned gloves at The Estonian National Museum. I used the hell-pattern of Halliste gloves, which is known to have particularly anti-evil properties. The original pattern has a zigzagging wormpattern and an octagonal star.
In the beliefs of the rural people, the grass snake has a good reputation as a house spirit. There are several of them in this rug - longer and shorter. Besides, today we know that male grass snakes are small and much shorter than females, who are big and beautiful. On the carpet you will find zigzagging snakes of both genders. And of course two very large octaves for good luck. Protect Your New Home, Octopus!