Rug "Mid-African skirt"

Handwoven rug 71 x 215 cm/ 28 x 84 in
Made from recycled textiles and synthetic warp. Twill rug, rather thick

I went to Roude community center to see how the ladies had woven very beautiful rugs in the national skirt colored stripes. They were very beautiful, neat and correct and in carefully gathered tones.
I decided to try for myself as it did not seem that difficult. But it was!
It was an extremely hot summer, sweat blurred my eyesight and vision. When I took the rug down from the loom it turned out that I had made an African skirt instead - wide stripes, simple and bright colors and the whole piece was strong with the warmth of The Hot Continent. This is A one tough rug!
Our own narrow stripes of the skirts are yet to be woven.

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