Knitted baby blanket "This Spring will be Different"

Handknit woollen baby blanket, airy pattern.

110cm x 105cm

Green fine woollen yarn.

"This Spring will be Different" is a handknit blanket for a curious and lively child whose parents love bright colours. Light lacy pattern, looks good from both sides. Active and beautiful beginning to the new bright life.
Have you ever considered planting a tree to commemorate the birth of a child? Does not matter if it is a maple or something else, but one thing is certain - to a new parent, every next spring will be different from before!

Being wool, it is nicely soft and warm, it just might be a bit hard on bare skin. That is why this blanket is perfect as an extra outer layer for warmth and joy.
A fine handmade piece is a unique and memorable gift to mark the beginning of a beautiful new life, and to get everything off to the best start possible. Warm for the baby - beautiful for the fresh new parents!

Cleaning instructions
Handwash at 37C, or in the washing machine with WOOL program. Dry flat and not in direct sunlight.
A blog post that goes more in depth of correct cleaning methods is coming soon!
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