Knitted baby blanket "Heartbeat"

Handknit baby blanket.

80cm x 90cm

Fine white natural yarn.

"Heartbeat" is a classical airy and lacy white wool blanket. A Haapsalu Shawl for babies. So your baby too can look like a darling member of the royal family, all ready to take on the world where everything is possible!

Being wool, it is nicely soft and warm, it just might be a bit hard on bare skin. That is why this blanket is perfect as an extra outer layer for warmth on a fancy, special or formal occasion - although we are definitely not against making every day a bit fancier!
"Ingrid" is an ideal baby shower present.
A fine handmade piece is a unique and memorable gift to mark the beginning of a beautiful new life, and to get everything off to the best start possible. Warm for the baby - beautiful for the fresh new parents!

Cleaning instructions
Handwash at 37C, or in the washing machine with WOOL program. Dry flat and not in direct sunlight.
A blog post that goes more in depth of correct cleaning methods is coming soon!

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