Kaltsuvaip "Shveitsi muld"

Handwoven rug from recycled textiles

Measurements: 73 x 177 cm
Weight: 3 kg
Warp: synthetic
Weft: twill
Materjal: recycled textiles

Switzerland is proud and fancy free country. It is famous for big  mountains and brown cows. And chocolate, of course.
Have you ever thought about swiss soil? This rug is dedicated to very base of swiss country  -  brownish soil. Look at it closely, it lives!  Then you can see green grasslands (little bit to greenish, but I ran out of of right tones of green - so it must be early summerdays shown on rug) and a shady beige rectangle for famous cows. There are high mountains, grey and dark, because they are faraway and at last blue sky. Skies are high over the mountains.  I´ve seen numerous times sweet film "Sound of music" and I know it must be vast but as the focal point is soil, you can`t see on this rug very many of it.  So, long live Swiss! Treasure your soils!