Handwoven wool plaid "Winter of our discontent"

Handwoven  throw 135 x 210 cm /53 x 83 in + fringe, 1340 g
100% traceable organic lambswool
natural white + pink comes from mushrooms (C. semisanguineus)

Classic twill plaid in different pinks and nature whites
Thick and warm plaid for the next hundred years. Good companion both indoors and outdoors. Distant remains of all these old crisp winters and red-cheeked apples and frozen noses and cold - clear air flowing through your lungs. 

Machine washable with wool setting and very low spin. Alternatively handwash with wool shampoo. Dry flat, not on a line or dryer. If handwashing, add a bit of vinegar in the final rinse water - it will brighten the colors.
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