Wool throw "Northern Crown"

Handwoven wool throw 130 x 155 cm /51 x 61 in + fringes, 660 g
100% traceable organic lambswool
, natural white and colored with mushrooms (C. semisanguineus)

100% known origin sheep wool woven in the classic "houndstooth" pattern. Twill. 
Light and romantic plaid for a nordic woman. It s  mild color changes make throw living and moving. Good for your complexion. Makes you feel comfy, warm and stylish. Both indoors and outdoors

It will last for at least 100 years, just make sure to keep it from moths.

Machine washable with wool setting and very low spin. Alternatively handwash with wool shampoo. Dry flat, not on a line or dryer. If handwashing, add a bit of vinegar in the final rinse water - it will brighten the colors.
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