Sometimes happens that you find the right store when your favorite has already been sold. And it is not possible to get it anywhere else. You don't have to despair here, because you've come to the right weaver who you can talk to and plan with. You can't get exactly the same thing again, because it's not a factory. But in terms of mood and colors, a new rug or plaid can be quite similar. If you have a little time and patience

Double-sided rug "Upstairs Downstairs"

Rug "Like the Flower in Sh..t sea"

Rug "Dark Modest Workaholic"

Rug "Dreaming of Red Sails"

Rugs for benches "My Blueberry Nights & Strawberry"

Rug "Deep into the lichen"

Rug "Legends of the last summer"

Rugs "Parallel Universes"

Rug "When A Tree Falls In The Forest"

Rug "Rosy background"

Rug "Soft Whirlpool"

Double-sided rug "Somewhere Over The Rainbow"

Rug "Tender Is Spring"

Rug "Winter Fly"